Law may be a noble profession, but the old business model is gone. It died with the advent of the PC, the Internet and the mobile phone.

On the other hand, that new wave of technology has led business people to seek ways to strip down and commoditize legal services. They’re going online to have lawyers bid on isolated projects. Or even downloading forms and doing it themselves. All because they’re fed up with the old way legal services are delivered and billed.

We get that, and sometimes, that’s okay. But these one-off, price-driven solutions can be risky.


At HFS&L, we see the need for a solid middle ground. This requires fresh thinking, and occasionally, turning tradition on its head with things like: 

  • Simplified documents and communications in plain English.
  • Giving clients straightforward bullet lists of issues.
  • Creating roadmaps and templates for clients, so they need less of us later on.
  • Offering affordable fees and budget predictability.
  • Not charging for every call and email in answering legal questions.


We built a law firm on the premise that in order to do the right thing—to deliver legal services the way they should be delivered—we needed to offer real, definable value. Which means we treat each client like a business partner, not like a spreadsheet of billable hours.