About HFS&L

HFS&L has guided our company through business acquisitions and real estate transactions, and has given us general counsel. We consider them more like teammates than traditional attorneys. This is the first law firm that’s giving us a return on investment rather than simply an expense.

          — Hal Kanefsky, President, Monarch Global Brands, Inc.


About Our Retainer Program

HFS&L’s retainer program has been a tremendous asset to our company. Being able to pick up the phone and discuss potential issues as they occur, in real time, has allowed us to steer clear of problems and steer straight toward our business goals. The retainer program also allows us to more accurately budget for legal services. 

         — Rob Greene, Vice President, SKAR Pharmacy, LLC d/b/a TextraRX


Testimonials for Ed Hovatter

Over the last dozen years, Ed has helped our company by guiding us from the land use process to resolving the everyday questions that a business owner has running a company.  I view my relationship with Ed as an asset to my company—a relationship that helps me move my company forward.  This is the first law firm I have worked with that adds value.

         — Sam Waddell- SLS Landscaping, Inc.


Ed has impeccable integrity combined with depth of knowledge and an unparalleled work ethic…a truly rare combination which we have come to rely on.”

         — Lynn and Joe Sonk


Ed Hovatter represented me in my first home purchase. Now 14 years later, Ed and his staff guided me through the process of selling that home. I was nervous about this process, but Ed and his staff are highly professional and efficient, and made the transaction go very smoothly.

         — Ishia Morton


After seeing Ed’s extensive resume, I wasn’t sure if such an accomplished attorney would want to take on a small first -time home purchase. However, Ed always made me feel like I was his most important client.   

         — Jarrod Rosen

Testimonials for Max Friedman

I had the pleasure of being Max’s supervising attorney when he was Assistant City Solicitor in Philadelphia. Max handled an extremely busy caseload of claims against the City. He did so effectively and efficiently, at all times displaying excellent legal skills and a highly professional demeanor.

Max is a quick study. He rapidly learned the statutory, procedural, and case law related to our practice. Max gained obvious command of the law and facts and was able to distill the essential issues. His written work was excellent, offering clear and concise analysis and persuasive arguments. He used this array of knowledge and skills to negotiate favorable settlements for the City and to present winning arguments in Court.

Max was pleasant and respectful to everyone he encountered and was held in high regard by the agencies he represented as well as his colleagues in the Bar.

        — Kenneth S. Butensky, Chief Deputy City Solicitor-Claims Unit, City of Philadelphia Law Dept.


As HFS&L’s Chief Technology Officer, Max Friedman is my point of contact for all IT issues. In my industry, it’s a pleasure to manage the IT needs of a firm with at least one tech-savvy individual, and Max is that guy. With an eye to the future, Max consistently looks for new ways to use technology not only to run the firm more efficiently, but to pass those efficiencies on to benefit the firm’s clients. This separates HFS&L from traditional law firms.

         — Seth Alamar, Owner, Triple Threat Technologies, LLC (HFS&L's IT vendor)


Max Friedman represented my company in a dispute with a former business associate. Max kept me fully informed throughout. He worked diligently and efficiently—and protected my business.

         — Barbara Zhang, Owner, Global Strategic Initiative, LLC


Max handled what should have been a straightforward sale of our business. Things were proceeding smoothly until four days before the scheduled closing, when the buyer suddenly backed out. Fortunately we found another buyer. Max jumped right in, and in record time modified all the necessary documents. We hadn’t planned on having Max at the closing, but it proved the prudent thing to do. He showed up, docs in hand, and managed the whole process. He was great! It was a pleasure to work with him.

          — Steve Smith, Columbia Falls, MT

Testimonials for Greg Saputelli

I would recommend Greg to anyone involved in any type of complex litigation. My case was a Whistleblower lawsuit in federal court that involved a very complex set of issues and multiple parties. The defendants included an insurance company, a municipality, a labor union, the media, and several individuals. Greg’s experience, knowledge, and integrity simply overwhelmed all of the attorneys on the other side. The municipality settled the case for $1.2 million. The Union settled for an undisclosed amount. Shortly after the case was settled, a book was published about it. (Greenhead Politics, Amazon.com.)

         — John T. Costello, Linwood, NJ


I’ve been a business owner in the senior care space for nearly 20 years. I recently entered into contract negotiations with a facility that I’ve been working with for years, and sought an attorney to represent my interests. At the advice of my accountant, I hired Greg, who also came highly recommended by several of his other clients. Throughout the process, I was thoroughly impressed with Greg’s professionalism and top-notch negotiating skills. Greg helped me strike a deal that only was the best deal for my business, but satisfied my facility client. In short, Greg helped me preserve a valuable, long-term relationship.   

          — Mary K. Wright, President/Owner, Senior Friends and Services, Inc.

Testimonials for Gary Levi

Originally, Gary hired me to work with him as a young Real Estate and Corporate attorney. In the years that I spent working with Gary, I learned that he is one of the smartest, most well-rounded transactional attorneys that I have met. Beyond his incredible knowledge base is a patient and thoughtful advocate who is always willing to take the time to educate his client so that together, you can work as a team and achieve the most positive result. 

Gary is equally patient and imaginative with his opposition, devising creative ways to get deals done and help his clients achieve their goals. 

Gary was my mentor and with him as my teacher, I learned to be an extremely successful attorney, and am now very happy and comfortable being his client.

         — Benjamin D. Jogodnik, Managing Director, Mergers and Acquisitions, Toll Brothers, Inc.


Gary represented us in structuring, negotiating, and closing the out-sales of a very complicated, multi-use, multi-party commercial condominium transaction that took over six months to pull together and involved a little bit of everything: from sales agreement, master deed, leasing, title, and environmental concerns, to a Section 1031 exchange, to coordinating simultaneous closings with title companies on opposite coasts sending multiple wires.

 Gary single-handedly took on—and outworked—seven opposing lawyers from two large firms. He was extremely responsive. He communicated in plain English. He devised creative solutions to thorny problems. In short, Gary helped us realize significant value from this deal. We’ve been in business a long time and worked with lots of lawyers; Gary’s a different breed.   

         — Ken Cayre, President/CEO, Cayre Investments


We have benefitted greatly from Gary’s advice and counsel for our commercial transactional work. Gary’s exhaustive knowledge of real estate law and sound business sense helps us identify, address, and resolve key issues before they become stumbling blocks.

Gary has taken the time to understand our core business and related concerns, so he can craft pragmatic solutions to protect our interests while still getting the deal done. He understands when to stand firm and when to show flexibility, and he knows how and where to play each card.

         — Henry Waller, Vice President, Toll Brothers City Living ®


We were the buyer in an intricate multiple cell tower easement and lease assignment deal. The deal had reached an impasse. Gary was brought in by the other side at the eleventh hour. In no time, Gary was up to speed, cut through the outstanding issues, and cleared the way to a smooth closing that satisfied all parties.

Even though Gary was on the other side of the deal, I was impressed by his professionalism, depth of knowledge, and ability to craft and coordinate quick and efficient solutions. 

 I work in a non-traditional real estate business, and it’s often difficult to close deals even with experienced real estate practitioners. Gary is a cut above.   

         — Chris Fronjian, Vice President - Closings, Landmark Dividend, LLC